The Aspects of Youth Ministry
Children’s Ministry, Youth Forum, ​Youth Enrichment Program

 To promote and protect the welfare of the youth of our communities.
 To create an environment for fellowship among them.
 To unite and improve their social and civic condition.
To support our youth through educational assistance.
 To help the youth of this community build a more spiritual and positive attitude by becoming more involved in their education.
 To encourage them to participate in programs that build self-esteem and to learn more about different cultures.
 To sponsor special days and special events for the church with community participation and support.

We Are More Than Conquerors

The Youth Department offers a great challenge for a responsible, dependable individual of the church to deal with the formative years of children from the ages of three (3) to eighteen (18). Many physical, mental, and spiritual changes are evident, from the losing of teeth to the entrance of adolescence to the legalization of adulthood. The Lord Jesus is to be made known in every way: in music, games, worship, etc. No investment is too great to give to our children or young adults the true meaning of creator and His personage and bodily representation through His Son, Jesus Christ

The Youth Ministries strive to empower young people to develop strong moral character. We seek to assist them to be successful in every area of life. Specifically, we nurture spiritual growth through sound Bible teaching to strengthen their knowledge of God and His Word. We cultivate social skills, including cultural enlightenment which will enable them to successfully interact in our diverse environment. Additionally, we supplement and reinforce their primary education and skills through tutorial and other specialized programs. Through the Youth Ministries, we also address vocational training and techniques.

It is our goal to assist in arming our youth to resist the influence of a Godless society and teach our young people how to become “lights” and leaders in the environment in which they live. Our endeavor is to cultivate the gifts that God has given our youth and to equip them to be Disciples of Christ.